AGP Solutions

AGP Soluciones is an engineering company that installs high-tech electrical and electronic equipment for alternative energy and liquefied gas. Its identity began as the reflection of a personal business that, over time, became the main business unit of an organization with more than 15 people. It needed a comprehensive redesign that first ensured the business definitions and then developed its entire visual language on a solid and contemporary brand strategy.

Terratino Brand

Terratino Brand by Kreathink

El Territorio Latino (The Latin Territory) is a company that started as a Real Estate Broker. Over time, it created a space where clients and agents could exchange information, prepare their way to buy and invest in a property, and finally build a long-term relationship that generates not only more outstanding transactions but loyalty to a brand within a market that, sometimes times it is overlooked in the United States.

The need was to integrate all the business units in one place and convert Terratino Real Estate into Terratino Multiservicios with the promise that each family could find accessible services that simplify their lives, all in the same place.

La Metro Brand

After 29 years of history, the Instituto Metropolitano de Diseño (Quito, Ecuador) needed to reflect a new vision: A world that evolves based on education and talent management. The academic center is the first -and only- design-specialized institution in the country, and that added significant complexity to the challenge: a design for designers.