Case Study

Terratino Brand

El Territorio Latino (The Latin Territory) is a company that started as a Real Estate Broker. Over time, it created a space where clients and agents could exchange information, prepare their way to buy and invest in a property, and finally build a long-term relationship that generates not only more outstanding transactions but loyalty to a brand within a market that, sometimes times it is overlooked in the United States. The need was to integrate all the business units in one place and convert Terratino Real Estate into Terratino Multiservicios with the promise that each family could find accessible services that simplify their lives, all in the same place.

Our response was to start with a rebranding plan, establishing, in a Brandbook, new brand values that integrate each of the visions of the business units into one: Let’s progress together. In the next phase, our team designed an entire visual system that accompanies that emotional discourse and transmits it with that warmth of the Latin tradition. From subbrands, icons, and editorial grids to signage and space decoration, the style manual is fundamental in developing corporate identity. Finally, the concepts and graphic strategy that justify and control any of the logo applications/reproductions are declared in the logo manual.

Terratino is a great example of building a brand that lasts. Owners, agents, clients, and referrals remember it as a place where everyone can work to improve their quality of life and expand their business.