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This program creates or boosts a brand’s value and recognition by aligning the business image with its business model

About Brandity™

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What is Brandity™

Our Brandity™ process is essential for building strong and lasting relationships between a company and its potential audience. Our highly effective service, similar to consulting but with creative products included, expertly manages every aspect of the business’s omnichannel image.

This process’s purpose is to carefully control both tangible and intangible marketing components, maintaining consistency across every touchpoint to help your brand build a unique promise that sets you, your organization, and your image apart from its competitors, giving them a clear edge in the market.

Why is important

Brandity™ is a fundamental element of business success, impacting various aspects, from consumer perception to financial performance. It defines what makes the brand unique using active communication, and resulting in:

What will you get

Brand Manual

The logo or brand manual is a critical part of our strategy to connect visually with our customers and explain our business idea.

The logo and its related elements (which help build a brand) are the cornerstones to transmit an organization's mission, if not the vision. This book guides those who produce printed, digital, merchandising, or other visual communications because it contains the standards and rules for consistently using our logo.

Brand Style Book

The Brand Style book is a complete guide delineating the brand's foundational principles, explaining key brand elements, and providing directives on achieving the primary company objective through strategic communications. It is pivotal in influencing marketing materials, advertising campaigns, communications, and services.

This book preserves integrity and consistency as the brand develops its communications, establishing clear rules for marketing endeavors and empowering every organization member.


This book is co-developed with your company. It has all the personality details and reflects the brand philosophy. It serves as a guide to understanding the critical points of the business.

After workshops, research, and agreements, the content of this book will outline everything, from company history to public relations ideologies, including the policies for communication campaigns, events, publications, and how the company interacts with internal and external entities in different scenarios—also, structure brand architecture reflecting an effort to organize and support business everyday activities.

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This service is great for

Building a brand, not just a business

Rebrand, reposition, relaunch, or refresh the current Brand

Unify every visual asset (Traditional, Digital, Interactives, etc.)

Improving the company go-to-market strategy