Case Study

AGP Solutions

AGP Soluciones is an engineering company that installs high-tech electrical and electronic equipment for alternative energy and liquefied gas. Its identity began as the reflection of a personal business that, over time, became the main business unit of an organization with more than 15 people. It needed a comprehensive redesign that first ensured the business definitions and then developed its entire visual language on a solid and contemporary brand strategy.

We solved this project through a niche study, with which we detected the most common characteristics among the companies in that universe. We designed a workshop with the workers to learn about and verify AGP’s work philosophy, and finally, we developed two aesthetic concepts that would regulate the visual language.

The result was a clear, easily comprehensible identity that managers could confidently use to bring consistency to all of the company’s internal and external communication. This also paved the way for new business partnerships with other complementary companies, and we implemented a digital image development plan to ensure that in the near future, AGP Soluciones would convey a more comprehensive brand message.

AGP Solutions by Kreathink Branding Studio