JVB® Suelos y Muros

The client needed an update to their editorial line and a revision of their logo designed in the late 80s. Part of the requirement was to expand its corporate identity by adding some essential components like signage, truck wrapping, and uniforms, also updating its website.

Pazmiño-Játiva Brokers

The client needed an update to their corporate image, in addition to seeking to create a regulation regarding the use of their logo and graphic elements that would allow them to expand their offices, improve their identity as a company, and engage their collaborators.

Tea Lovers

In this project, our task was to develop a series of innovative concepts for traditional tea packaging that were feasible, economically viable, and increased perceived value.

Tranquility Health

In this case, the company required a new visual system that transmits tranquility, the work of professional therapists and a new portfolio of services in the central zone of the United States.

Musica Viva Philarmonic Orchestra

For this client, we create the corporate identity and a digital brand communication strategy that exhibits all the core values of the orchestra: talent, music, and experience.