Case Study

Lugary Awareness Campaign

Lugary is a Real Estate Broker that started operations in 2021 with five agents in the rooster. After working with their brand, they asked Kreathink to explore the Dallas-Fort Worth market with an advertising campaign. The main goal was to test and improve the brand's messaging to adjust to the Hispanic audience and connect their brand funnel and customer service.

Our company, supplied with hard data on the Hispanic real estate market, a cultural approach to audience insights, and communications technology, successfully executed an advertising campaign for brand awareness. We designed, connected, and tested the brand funnel to ensure that the brand’s messaging was tailored to the Hispanic audience. 

We created a campaign that echoed this demographic by analyzing Hispanic real estate market data. We leveraged a cultural approach to audience insights to understand the needs and preferences of the Hispanic market. Finally, we utilized communications technology to design, connect, and test the brand funnel to ensure that it effectively reached and engaged the target audience.

The outcome was not just an improvement in the brand’s messaging and an increase in brand awareness among Hispanic consumers but also a significant positive impact on our client’s business growth.