Case Study

Terratino Dueño Campaign

Terratino, a company operating in Dallas, Texas, wanted to increase its market share in the Spanish-speaking community. To achieve this, they needed a repositioning and lead generation campaign that would balance emotional discourse with spicy creativity while empathizing with Latin culture. Additionally, the company required reshaping some customer service processes and incorporating communication technologies to enhance its ability to serve high-volume potential customers.

Our project included a significant phase of market research and development of not only visual concepts but also communication processes that improved the company’s estimated value by more than 1 million. The advertising campaign, which had the objective of brand visibility, generated more than 5,000 multichannel incoming contacts per month and generated business worth more than 42 million dollars over approximately six months.
The graphic design, texts, and speech reaffirmed that owning a property is possible for potential Hispanic buyers, making them aware of their opportunities in the Real Estate market.